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PREDISK-The Best Company Of Storage

Predisk Storage Technology Company Limited was founded on its expertise in complex yet optimized and stable testing solutions by delivering optimal performance in every PREDISK-embedded PCs!

We also offer customized products to suit users of different attributes from all regions and segments, and even customized solutions from PREDISK to satisfy your every need.

As an integral part of the FLASH industry, PREDISK has always toiled with every ounce of our capacity and competence to offer you the best value in our premium product quality, diverse product lines, and attentive customer service, the ultimate epitome of what PREDISK stands for, no matter for now or the future, as we believe that PREDISK always has an indispensable presence in your usage of storage products.

Just like all previous memories, its what we always treasure and strive to safeguard.

PREDISK-Your Unforgettable Memories