https://www.prediskstorage.com/custom_123689.html Warranty Warranty                                                         Warranty Warranty PolicyPredisk Storage Technology Co. Ltd., (here in after referred to “Predisk”) warrants to the end users that its products are free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use during the warranty period. Subject to the conditions and limitations set forth below, Predisk will, at its option, either repair or replace any part of its products that prove defective by reason of improper workmanship or materials. Repaired parts or replacement products will be provided by Predisk on an exchange basis, and will either replace it with a new one or repair it to be functionally equivalent to a new one. Predisk may update the terms and conditions of this Warranty Service from time to time. This warranty does not cover any damage to all products that result from: Improper installation, accidents, or negligence. Abuse, misuse, any unauthorized disassembly, repair, or modification. Unusual physical or electrical stress or interference, failure or fluctuation of electrical power, lightning, static electricity, fire, or natural disaster. It also does not extend to any product. Warranty or authenticity stickers have been altered, smeared, removed, damaged and lost. Carrying an incorrect, damaged, or unclear product serial number. Purchased from an unauthorized reseller or retailer.   Warranty period The calculation of the product warranty period starts from the original purchase date. General consumers are also requested to proactively submit purchase date certification documents or receipts to prove the original purchase date of the goods (such as a purchase invoice certificates) when requesting the warranty to determine whether the repaired goods are still within the warranty period. For customers or consumers who have not submitted supporting documents, Predisk reserves the right to approve the acceptance or not. SSD (solid state drive) warranty period is 3 years. DRAM warranty period is lifetime. USB flash drive warranty period is 3 years Predisk reserves the right to modify this warranty clause and the right of final interpretation. According to the warranty period of the model or the product warranty based on the total bytes written (TBW) of the SSD, please refer to the package, specification or website posting as shown: Predisk SSD products provide a product warranty for one of the following periods, whichever occurs first: A three-year product warranty starting from the original consumer's purchase date. The total consumption of the SSD’s total bytes written (TBW) read by Predisk through the Predisk SSD Utility "SSD Health Status." Please refer to the TBW information table for the TBW value of each product. Out of warranty:This warranty does not apply to damage caused by accident, negligence, man-made damage, improper use, installation, self-repair without the authorization of the company, change of parts or disassembly, natural disasters or power problems. Product compatibility issues are only for the treatment of Predisk's own products (own brand), and compatibility issues of non-Predisk products are not covered by the warranty. For any data in the hardware, the company is only responsible for maintenance and testing, and does not provide data rescue and backup services, and is not responsible for any loss of data due to any factors during the repair process. Accessories, packaging materials, consumables, etc. that are not included in the main body are also not included in the scope of repair services. The product warranty provided by Predisk is a regional warranty, not a global warranty. Predisk product information stickers (warranty labels, barcodes, etc.) are affixed to the product body, please do not tear it off, otherwise the warranty will be invalid.The SSD warranty conditions do not cover the following usage scenarios:Test equipment, copying tools, or other use environments that exceed the specification range.In case of any dispute, Predisk reserves the right of final decision.When the product you purchased exceeds the warranty period or the warranty clause does not apply, Predisk will still provide related maintenance services within the scope of the capacity permit. For products with a lifetime warranty, Predisk will continue to provide product services until the production of the parts of this product is discontinued, but various repair and replacement services will be charged for labor costs and parts replacement costs. Please obtain a quotation before repairing.This warranty only applies to the original purchaser of the product. The rights and interests of this warranty are non-transferable rights. Any changes to the product warranty and period listed in this clause will not be independently notified. Please check your sales outlets or distributors to confirm the validity period of the warranty. Except for the "Limited Liability Warranty" in writing, Predisk has not made any express or implied, oral or written performance statement, warranty or guarantee for the "Product", including but not limited to any (a) commercial merchantability, (b) applicability for a specific purpose or (c) implied guarantee due to performance progress, transaction progress or industry conventions. This product must be used with standard equipment. For damage caused by other manufacturers' equipment, Predisk will not be liable for warranty. For any incidental or incidental damage, loss of profits, business investment and goodwill, or damage caused by loss of data, as well as damage or malfunction of other company's equipment with this product, Predisk is not liable for compensation. In any case, Predisk shall not be liable for any person's legal responsibility for the purchase of substitute products or loss of data, nor shall it be responsible for any indirect, special, concomitant, derivative or other damages arising from the purchase, use or performance of the "product", regardless of whether the user has ever been informed of the possibility of such damage.